Our Story

Encuesta was founded and is led by Martin Cerda, a seasoned U.S. Hispanic (Latino) qualitative and quantitative research-based consultant, with extensive experience in a wide array of traditional, online, and hybrid methodologies.

Our major accomplishments and some of Martin’s key career milestones include:

-Founded Encuesta in 1989

-Developed a U.S. Hispanic campaign and slogan from scratch (“Siempre Coca-Cola”) that was later adapted (“Always Coca-Cola”) and used globally in over 140 countries and named one of the Top 100 Advertising Campaigns (#86) of the Past Century by Advertising Age (2000)

-Conducted Latino opinion research for a winning presidential campaign and executed the first ever nationwide election day exit poll among Hispanic voters

-Launched the first U.S. Hispanic online primary research (focus groups and discussion boards) website (1999)

-Designed and facilitated Hispanic ethnographic research used as the basis of the Arnold/CP+B’s truth® antismoking campaign launched in 2000 that still runs to this day and has been called the most successful social media marketing campaign to date

-Distinguished with the Gold Supplier Award by MillerCoors (2008)

-Bestowed the Award for Achievement in Hispanic Marketing Research (HispanSource Award), given for a lifetime of service, integrity, and professionalism (2010)

-Recognized by the Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) with a Great Mind Award for innovations related to Hispanic online community (MROC) research (2010)

-Received the ARF David Ogilvy Award (2010) for Hispanic research (Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil)

-Led a documentary-style Latino ethnographic research study for Univision on the subject of acculturation and media usage (2011)

-Over the years, guided Latino research that led to numerous new products/services including: El Sentinel (Orlando), Gerber’s Recetas Latinas, Behr Colores Origenes, GSK alli, Wells Fargo Global Remittance Services, and McCormick Mayonesa (import)

-Current member of ARF Foundations of Quality 2 Committee and frequent AAPOR conference presenter/author

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