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Martin Cerda Shares His Views on the Future of U.S. Hispanic Marketing

This week, Encuesta, Inc. Founder and and Research Director Martin Cerda spoke to a University of Miami International/Cross-Cultural Advertising class about the future of the U.S. Hispanic marketing industry. The topic of the presentation, “How the Historic Use of Black Social Dance in Advertising Explains the Future of U.S. Hispanic Marketing”, explores trends in social identity, 100+ years of advertising history, and the use of black social dance elements in advertising to the general population.

Encuesta, Inc. Sunsets Two Experimental Social Media Research Observation Communities

Encuesta, Inc. Sunsets Experimental Social Media Observation Communities

After six months of public engagement with tens of thousands of U.S. Hispanics, Encuesta, Inc. today announced the end of their use of two experimental Latino research platforms in the form of a “Q&A poll community” (“Encuesta” and separately a non-partisan “public forum community” (“estamos UNIDOS” designed to explore issues of great importance to the nation. Both public communities were deployed on sites using open-source online community software platforms and an even greater presence on Facebook and Twitter to promote participation and provide opportunities for observation. We thank the public for their interest and participation and want to commend our peers for their input and support.

The findings of the experiment will serve to improve bests practices in the area of social media monitoring, panel member acquisition, and the development of private insights communities (MROC) on behalf of our clients.

Image (Top): Example of Encuesta, Inc. Online Research Community Portal Entrance for Private Insight Communities (Proprietary MROC Using an Industry Leading Software Platform)

Images (Bottom): Branding Elements of Encuesta, Inc. Experimental Research Platforms

The Use of Memes by Researchers

As researchers who read the Dawkins book that coined the word “meme” when it was first published, we are really getting a kick out of seeing its now widespread use by the general public. In 2009, Encuesta used a viral meme campaign to promote its 20th anniversary. Here is a brief description of the campaign from an NGMR story.

Hispanic NGMR Video Meme

August 26th, 2010 (Original NGMR Publication Date)

NGMR Meme Educating and Thanking Latinos for Participating in Research Process

Today we have another corporate/branded market research meme submitted by Martin Cerda of Encuesta. The video submitted below started as a viral campaign almost a year ago and continues to this day. YouTube videos in both Spanish and English below.

Similar to Toluna’s video meme submission earlier this week, the video attempts to simultaneously reach the population and decision makers about “the survey research process”. In the true spirit of memes the video was conceived and produced primarily in-house with a limited budget.

As Martin put it:

We want to thank Hispanics nationwide for allowing us the privilege to enter their lives on a daily basis, all in an effort to have one person’s opinion represent that of thousands of members of their community… Latino participation in the survey research process helps advance public understanding of social and economic issues and helps influence government and corporate decision makers.

The video meme continues to be circulated today and successfully promotes awareness of the survey research process among Latinos (a challenge even for the titans of our industry including Nielsen), and has improved recognition of U.S. Hispanics among decision makers as consumers in the importance of market research.

Thank You Martin!