Encuesta (the Spanish word for “survey” or “poll”) is an award-winning U.S. Hispanic brand development and marketing research-based consultancy that delivers creative and reliable solutions. Serving the industry since 1989, Encuesta helps decision-makers understand Latinos and the best ways to reach them through highly customized study design, objective analysis, and culturally relevant insights. Backed by exceptional technical ability and highly experienced resources, Encuesta maximizes results by implementing the best of both traditional and emerging marketing and opinion research techniques. For example, the company pioneered online research among Latinos in 1999 and has cautiously applied the approach ever since.

Additionally, the company is responsible for the Americanos Poll®, a public opinion poll created in 2005 to help bridge the knowledge gap that exists regarding the U.S. Hispanic community. In 2007, the company was awarded the Gold Supplier Award by MillerCoors. In 2010, the company was recognized by The ARF with a David Ogilvy Award for its Hispanic research for Reynolds Wrap. Beginning in 2012, Encuesta made strong forays into proprietary online research panel building, web community development via several public and private portals, and social media research including mass observation otherwise known as netnography.

Encuesta has the proven experience, knowledge, and expertise to help you design and conduct research that:

-Is valid and reliable (using traditional, online, and hybrid methodologies);
-Provides culturally relevant insights into consumer motivation, attitudes, and behavior;
-Inspires new hypotheses, ideas, and improvements;
-Is defendable to the point that it generates consensus and confidence in the recommended action; and
-Stimulates your team so that they will support attempts to invest and grow volume cost-effectively.

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