Encuesta is a brand development and marketing research-based consultancy with offices in Miami and dedicated resources throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.

We are well known for our objective and sophisticated approach to researching this fast-growing yet often hard-to-reach segment of the population, and have a strong reputation for our technical capabilities and creative solutions. Whether in you are interested in robust random probability sampling or “fit-for-purpose” research designs, few in the industry can match our broad experience base and research best practices developed over the past twenty years.

Encuesta’s pioneering Latino market insights work has allowed us to collaborate closely with industry leading clients and their creative agency partners across a wide array of management, marketing, communications, and media disciplines.

Our business consulting expertise is highly specialized in the areas of:

-Advertising research (development, testing, and tracking)
-Brainstorming and idea generation (facilitating and team workshops)
-Brand management research (equity, identity, image tracking, loyalty assessment, satisfaction, and positioning)
-Channel and distribution planning
-Communications strategy and message development
-Concept develop and positioning (needs assessments, opportunity gaps, and feasibility studies)
-Creative development and evaluations
-Ethnographic research (anthropological, ethnography, observation, and in situ contextual interviewing)
-Market segmentation studies
-Media planning and optimization research
-Modeling and predictive analytics research (sales modeling and simulation studies)
-Motivational discovery research
-New product/service research (platform expansion, concept development, evaluation, and product or packaging testing)
-Research methodology techniques and consulting
-Semiotics research and cultural trend analysis
-Strategic planning research (portfolio, market opportunity, and market mix evaluation)
-Text analytics and data mining
-Tracking research

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